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A Shrill Keening - Ronald Malfi

4.5 stars rounded up to 5!

I read this one in a single sitting, partly because it's a novella and partly because Malfi can captivate the reader that well!  There is a lot going on in this novella but Malfi writes so well, I never felt lost or had trouble keeping track of what was going on. Throughout the story, I was drawn in and actually felt like I was an observer in the events that were transpiring instead of just a reader (Malfi writes THAT well!). 


The story builds in intensity for most of the book, leading up to a main event (the title comes from this) that directly involves the protagonist. I was expecting the book to end with this but Malfi went on to surprise me with another twist.  I would have liked more scenes with the main event but overall, I'm very satisfied with this novella and I highly recommend it!


I am a member of DarkFuse's NetGalley Readers Group and I received this ebook in exchange for my honest review.