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On packaging books for shipping/how to get rid of excess bubble wrap

If you're going to send books in the mail, by all means do it right!  I cringe whenever I receive a book in the mail that's in a plastic sleeve. Sadly, I'm willing to buy a more expensive copy for sale if it's shipped in a box and wrapped in bubble wrap.


Bubble wrapped books w/ McCammon for scale


Believe be it or not, there's only two books in that monster. One is a slightly larger than normal hardcover and the other is a slightly larger paperback. Why so much?  They're both irreplaceable to a degree. There's less than 1,000 copies of one and only 50 of the other.  Besides, they're gifts so I want to make sure that they arrive safely. Me having an excess of bubble wrap that I need to dispose of had nothing to do with it, I promise. 


Box full of bubble wrap


What's next?  More bubble wrap of course!  A well padded floor of it before squeezing the monster inside of the box and stuffing more bubble wrap around the sides and finally, the top.  While this is all overkill, my excess supply of bubble wrap has been reduced drastically...