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Full Moon Over Cedar Hill - Edward Lorn

Peter Hoskins, the victim of a debilitating stroke, is a resident in an assisted care facility. He is getting a bed bath when a terrified scream echoes down the hallway. He is facing the door so he can see a worker running past and then a vaguely humanoid figure in pursuit but the figure is furry and running on all fours. More screams echo from across the facility followed by the crunching of bones and sounds of blood being lapped up. Abandoned by his caregiver during this, Peter can only lay there and watch as he sound of claws approach his doorway...


This is a fantastic short story from Lorn! Once again, he creates characters that feel real to the reader and his plot draws you in until you cannot out it down. Lorn also mentions a sad side of nursing homes that many people do not think about; the feeling of abandonment. Let me share a quote from the book here - "To drop off a member of the family simply because you didn't want to take card of it anymore-".  I've been working in a nursing home for several years now and although it's a dog being spoken of, I see too many people in nursing homes go through that same feeling of abandonment.  This is how Lorn brings his characters to life in his books and makes everything - plot, characters, etc - so REAL.  If you've never read anything by Lorn, quit procrastinating!  This would be an excellent sample of his work. Highly recommended!