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Class 5 - Shaun Horton

Near the small desert town of Seguro Arizona, an alien spaceship malfunctions and crashes into the desert creating a class 5 incursion. The lone survivor, a deadly form known as a Silver, signals for help and proceeds to seek shelter and nourishment until its kind arrives to retrieve it. Unfortunately for the town, the Silver starts feeding on people and its body gives off toxic spores that cause respiratory failure to those near it. The military sends out Captain Sean Tharris to find and eliminate the creature before it can escape. He also has orders to kill anyone who comes in contact with the Silver or his men...

This was a fun read! Before this, I had never read anything by Horton and I'm definitely looking forward to more. He kept my interest throughout the book with the original alien and a likable (and dislikable) cast of characters. The story reminds me of Men in Black with the unique alien and clandestine government action but it is definitely more hardcore. If you've never read a book by Horton, give this one a try!