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The Jigsaw Man

The Jigsaw Man - Gord Rollo Michael Fox has hit rock bottom in life. He's homeless, his wife and son were killed in an accident when they went to get him because he was too drunk to drive and his daughter wants nothing to do with him. He's about to climb onto railroad tracks and let a train kill him so his daughter gets his insurance when a stranger approaches and offers him $2,000,000 for his right arm. He wants to decline but starts thinking of his daughter and how he can help her with the money. After accepting, he's moved to a private facility with three other homeless guys who are also selling limbs - one an arm and the other two a leg. Everything seems to be going well until some late night curiosity uncovers that the doctor isn't being honest with them about things.

This was a great read! It has a few emotional twists that stretch from horrifying all the way to heart-breaking. Michael is forced to make some hard decisions (the first being selling his arm) but manages to somehow keep his sanity throughout the story. I highly recommend this book.