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Do NOT miss this book

When We Join Jesus In Hell - Lee  Thompson

We've all heard others say it - a book was gripping, emotional and stayed with them. I've heard it so much, I don't pay much attention to that anymore. However, this book is one that deserves that praise and so much more. I cried when I read it and start tearing up every time I even think about it. It deals with a family man's worst nightmare and the sad insanity he goes through after the fact. My friend Charlene summed it up perfectly when she said it was like a punch in the face. Seriously people, even if you've never read Lee Thompson or read him and don't care for his work. Do not pass this one up. It will get to you and stay with you the rest of your life. 


Currently 99 cents on Amazon, do not miss it. 


When We Join Jesus In Hell