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The Last Mile - Tim Waggoner

On an ordinary day, the sky suddenly turns dark and the air seems to ripple.  The grass starts turning white. Dead birds fall from the skies by the droves. Then, the sky opens a million eyes and gazes down at the people in hunger.  This is just the beginning of the Old Ones returning to reclaim Earth. 


After the return of the Old Ones, they employ the use of people called thralls to do their bidding. In return, a thrall and their family is given food and protection from the majority of the new dangers out there. Sounds somewhat good, right?  Not exactly. Dan, a thrall, is trying to make it back to his new master with the latest human sacrifice, Alice, in the backseat of his old Oldsmobile. Forced to worry about tentacle-like vines with poisonous thorns, mutated animals intent on eating him and other thralls intent on stealing his sacrifice, it can only go from bad to catastrophic for him when his sacrifice wakes up.  Then the story backs up a bit to fill in some backstory - life when the Old Ones first appeared from Dan and Alice's points of view and the horrors that each endured before fate brought them together. 


This novella rocked!  I knew who Tim Waggoner was but this is my first time to actually read anything by him. I loved his imaginative take on life after the return of the Old Ones. His characters, human and otherwise, were extremely well done and very unique. This one captivated my attention from the first few pages until the very end and I would LOVE to see more books set in this realm. Highly recommended!


I am a member of DarkFuse's NetGalley book club and I received this ebook in exchange for my honest review.