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There's a thing going around Facebook where you lost ten books that have affected you in some way. They don't have to be great or any specific genre, just have to had an impact on you. Here's my 10 and reasons they affected me. 


In no particular order, here they are.


Pet Sematary by Stephen King - My first horror book. My mom gave this to me to read right after I saw my cat get run over around he age of 8. Yeah...


Ghosts of Punktown by Jeffrey Thomas - filled with solid stories that showcase what a talented author he is and if you've never read about Punktown, you're missing out. One story in particular about doing the right thing for a stranger has really stayed with me.


Bay's End by Edward Lorn - my first real introduction to Lorn's work and I was immediately captivated by what a master storyteller he is. He's turned into one of my closest friends although he'll probably deny knowing me.


Boy's Life by Robert McCammon - how could this not touch anyone who has read it? The beautiful writing brought back memories of growing up even though our lives were quite different.


Dweller by Jeff Strand - a lonely outcast befriends a monster, so much so that he keeps bringing people to meet him which ends up in disaster. What else are you going to do when your best friend is a monster though? You want others to enjoy the bond you share. This one hit me hard.


The Underdwelling by Tim Curran - This was my first read by Tim and it turned me onto a great author as well as a great publisher (While Delirium is no more, DarkFuse is going strong with some top notch authors and editors). Tim created a truly creepy atmosphere in here and cranked it up a notch by having someone stuck underground and he isn't alone...


Sunblind by Michael McBride - McBride doesn't just tell a story in his books; you LIVE the story right along with the characters. He creates settings that are so real and such deep characterization, he'll have you experiencing everything that happens. This one comes out September 2nd and it blew me away.


When We Join Jesus In Hell by Lee Thompson - anyone who has read this one will know why it's on the list. It has a family man's greatest fear in it and I cried throughout the whole thing. Very powerful, emotional story.


The Janus Legacy by Lisa von Biela - Lisa drew me deep into this story and left me thinking on it. What if science found a way to clone a human and was able to accelerate their growth so organs could be harvested to replace bad ones in someone? If someone would have asked me how I felt before reading this, I honestly wouldn't have given it much thought or cared. Lisa showed the possibility (probability?) of an emotional side to a clone and what a miserable existence one could have in such a situation in this powerful book. She's still relatively new with only three books out (write faster please?!?) but I can't wait for her next one from DarkFuse early next year!


The Art of Bird Photography by Arthur Morris - Probably the book that's had the most impact on my life. I received a camera at the age of 13 and since I was interested in birds, it was natural that I tried to photograph them. I really had no clue what I was doing; I would basically point the camera towards a bird, put it in the center if the frame and hope for the best with the exposure. Oops. After finally getting my hands on this book and upgrading my equipment, I learned how to expose the photo right, how to frame the bird, how to get closer so I wasn't photographing a speck that MIGHT have been a bird and a slew of other tidbits. It changed my photography drastically and made the whole experience a joy.