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The Morning Dew - Edward Lorn

The Morning Dew opens up with young James Dougal using his vivid imagination to play at home before his friends arrive for a sleepover in his tree house. The boys get settled in for the night in the treehouse, armed with snacks and cards, when one of them notices weird fog rolling in, followed by shiny rain. If that isn't enough to alarm the boys, what is left behind is sure to terrify them if it doesn't kill them first. 


Lorn hits another home run with this one!  He captivated my attention from the very first page by bringing back happy childhood memories that I had forgotten. He proceeds to slowly ramp up the creepy factor, letting it sneak up on me until things take off like a thunderclap, leaving me racing to the end to find out what happened next.  Like all of his books that I have read, after reading, I shut off my kindle and stared off into space, enjoying and pondering what I just read. Highly recommended!