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Surrogate - David Bernstein

Surrogate was my first time reading anything by Bernstein and it was a treat!  Tom and Rebecca Hardwick have been trying to have a baby but their plans end in disaster when Rebecca gets hot by a stray bullet, ruining one of her ovaries. While in surgery to repair the damage, the surgeon finds that dreadful thing that affects everyone at some point in life:  cancer. Unable to adopt, they are seeking counseling to help them cope when a new option is presented to them - what if someone can give them a baby of their very own after all even though Rebecca obviously can't have a child?


While I loved the style of writing and the storyline was captivating, there were some issues for me. At first, the left ovary was destroyed by the bullet and the right by cancer. A few pages later, the husband is saying that the left had cancer and the right was destroyed by the bullet. A few things happen in the book that left me feeling left out - there's no mention of Jane finding out the baby's name but she knows it all of a sudden; I would have loved to see her reaction to finding the name out. Sometimes thcharacters were either unbelievable or hard to connect with through actions - someone picks up a MP-5 and can automatically know how to shoot it with deadly accuracy to hit a moving target?  Why would parents know that vicious murders are happening to the people that helped you get your child, be afraid of someone taking the child away and still let her outside to play for hours at a time unattended?  Lastly, I felt that the ending was a tad rushed. 


Having said that, why would I still rate this book 4 stars?  It was an excellent storyline that captivated me from page one until the very end and I loved it. Bernstein is very talented at writing and connecting the reader to the story.  I've heard that another of his books, Relic of Death, is even better than this so I'll be reading it soon!  Highly recommended!


I'm a member of DarkFuse's NetGalley Readers Group and I received this ebook in exchange for my honest review.