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Ceremony of Flies - Kate Jonez

This book starts out with "Kitty" accidentally injuring her boss, possibly even killing him. She panicks and manages to befriend a customer that witnesses the event happen. From there, I got lost. I enjoyed the writing style and most of the dialogue in here but many things just went over my head. I "got" most, if not all of the biblical references but fail to understand how they fit in the story (the four horseman being one of them). Since the story is being told from Kitty's perspective, I would sometimes get jolted out if the story when something unexpected happed. For instance, the reader knows that there is a gun in the glovebox of a car and all of a sudden, Kitty has it. I don't need everything written out for me but since the book is in the first person, it snapped me out of the story to read that she magically had the gun. I didn't find the main characters very believable either. People get murdered in the book and the other characters don't give it a second thought. If I was with a stranger and they shot someone, I'd get away ASAP! These two don't seem bothered by it and hardly even talk about it. Lastly, the plot felt disjointed and left me confused  and wondering where it was supposed to take me. And what was the deal with all the flies? I didn't understand a purpose for them.