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Elderwood Manor - Christopher Fulbright, Angeline Hawkes

Bruce is in trouble; his car has been repossessed, he has no money and his credit card is near its limit. That doesn't stop him and his four hear old son Cody from driving to Elderwood Manor, where his mother lives, when she calls him though. After they arrive, Bruce can't help but have the feeling that they are being watched. The feeling gets stronger after they enter the mansion to search for his mother and strange noises start to be heard...


This was my first book by Fulbright and Hawkes and it was a blast!  The authors introduce the creepy factor slowly at first, letting the reader come to their own conclusions before cranking it up to full speed!  People might think that this is the same old haunted house story but I assure you, it is not. The plot is unique, very engaging and impossible to put down. If you've never read anything by Fulbright and Hawkes, this is an excellent place to start!  Highly recommended!