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Shadow Animals - Keith Deininger

When Ezzy, Saul's 9 year old son, goes missing from the forest, it's up to Saul to try to find him before it's too late. He must navigate the terrain while trying to follow the abductors and stay ahead of something tracking HIM. While this may sound like a run of the mill story, Deininger takes it in a very different and very unique direction from what I expected. With a strange and fascinating set of unique characters (especially Ji and Ja!) and a very unique city hidden in the woods of New Mexico, Deininger is sure to impress with his talents.
I loved this story! I connected very well with several of the characters (especially Saul) and felt like I was there with him in the forest, seeing and experiencing everything he was as the story unfolded. I thought I knew where the story was going from the start but Deininger took it in a very different setting almost immediately with his creation of this world hidden away in New Mexico. And just when I thought I knew where he was taking the story, he fooled me again with an unexpected twist! This will be a story that stays with me for a long time and I'll think about it often. If you've never read anything by Deininger, I highly recommend giving this one (or any of them) a try. You really can't go wrong.