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Nightcrawlers - Tim Curran

200 years ago, the village of Clavitt Fields was burned to the ground in an attempt to destroy everything there. Unfortunately (or fortunately for the reader!) some things survived and started living underground. People that lived nearby reported hearing things, seeing things and some made food offerings to them but the town kept quiet about it. That is until a bulldozer excavated human bones and state police arrive to investigate.


With this story, Tim proves once again what a master storyteller he is. Just like in his novel Dead Sea, he creates a creepy setting in which monsters flash in and out, doing as they please to the people. He does such a good job with the setting and characters, you can easily visualize them in your mind as the story goes on. And again like in Dead Sea, he comes up with a truly horrifying way to die that will stick with you for a long time. If you're looking for a good horror novel, pick this one up. The creatures are probably not what you think they are and you'll be surprised by the ending. You won't regret it. HIGHLY recommended!