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Whom the Gods Would Destroy - Brian Hodge

This story starts out with young Damien's first memory:  being handcuffed to the steering wheel of a car while his mother and brother go off to do something.  Worried about their safety, he escapes and chases them only to find something horrifying. Fast forward 13 years and his brother shows up wanting his assistance with something. Something that he has to see to believe. Little did Damien know, it isn't just his brother that needs help; it's the entire human race. 


I have heard several times about how good Brian Hodge's books are and after reading this, I have to agree. Hodge paints a beautiful, flowing story that pulled me right in and when I reached the end, I just sat there and blinked. I couldn't believe that the story was over because it felt like I had been reading for only a few minutes. That's how much I got lost reading the story. If you are like me and never read anything by Hodge, read this. You won't regret it. Recommended!