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Burden Kansas - Alan Ryker

If you like your vampires sexy or glittering, this book is not for you. This is how vampires should be - fast, vicious and deadly.


Keith Harris, the main character, might be hard for some to like seeing how he's made some difficult decisions in the past, drinks a lot and generally doesn't care what the public thinks about him. He gets involved with helping some of the townsfolk when something is feeding on his cattle by draining blood from them and sometimes killing them. No one had an inkling of an idea of what it was until Keith saw one of the creatures feeding on one of his cows. This is just the beginning of his new nightmare.


This book was amazing! Ryker managed to suck me right into this story and get me lost in it throughout the whole thing. The few times I was interrupted while reading it, it took me a few seconds to clear my head and come back to the real world. This is now a favorite of mine and I HIGHLY recommend it