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Nick Medina, Michael McClung, Jessy Marie Roberts (Editor)
Sacrifice Island - Kristin Dearborn

Paranormal investigators Jemma and Alex are writing a book that focuses on ghosts. When Jemma finds a journal that describes a woman going to an island in the Philippines and being enticed by spirits, she decides it would make a great last chapter for the book. After arriving, they start getting warnings to stay away, some subtle, some not so subtle. There's not much more I can add without giving away some good bits of the story so pick up a copy and read it!

This was a very interesting book. Before this, I had never heard of an Aswang which is similar to a vampire in Filipino folklore. I would have loved to have had more of the history of an Aswang in the book so I could understand it better since it isn't something I've heard of before but there is a small section at the end of the book that explains it. Overall an enjoyable read!