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Obadiah Grunge is a successful author of hard-boiled novels. His life is going fairly well until he learns that his estranged father has passed away. At the funeral, he meets his dad's business partner Kowalski. Although Obadiah doesn't know it yet, his father was in the monster hunting business with Kowalski and now it's Obadiah's turn. 


I didn't really connect with this book. The book started out with several typos which is unusual for a Darkfuse book. There's a lot of short chapters about monsters attacking other people that didn't add very much to the story for me. I found Obadiah to be whiny and cowardly for most of the book before straightening up in the end. I do understand that the author intended him to be this way as part of the story. I do like how the ending is left open for a sequel.