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Mirror of the Nameless - Luke Walker

In a world where the government controls the news and forcibly offers up people as sacrifices to the gods, Dave Anderson is trying to avoid the attention. Unfortunately for him, he runs across some men that want to sacrifice him to the god Naz Yaah.  He manages to escape when his daughter's boyfriend Tom rescues him and tells him that his daughter is trying to save the world and is extreme danger. Dave and Tom set off the rescue her through a perilous mission while trying to avoid the other two gods, police and crazed citizens as well. 


This great novella was a blast to read!  The three gods, Gatur, Naz Yaah and Segoth, were original and kept the story tense. Because they were so interesting, I would have loved to see even more of them in the story. I do like the premise of a man and his daughter's boyfriend setting out to save her as she is trying to save the world from the three gods. If you haven't read it, pick this novella up!  Highly recommended!