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Lurker - Gary Fry

Meg and Harry suffer the greatest loss of all and move to the countryside so Meg can try to recover. She struggles to keep her sanity as her loss haunts her and she starts experiencing strange phenomena. At first, she passes it off as neighborhood kids playing pranks and hallucinations but when she discovers a booklet in the library about the area, things start to fall into place for her. 


This is my second time to read a book by Gary Fry and he is quickly becoming a favorite author. He excels at doling out the creepy factor without overdoing it while creating characters that you love and feel for (Meg) and those that you outright despise (Harry - read the story, you'll agree). Fry did an excellent job with an original monster here (the thing with the hands creeps me out!) and I look forward to more of his work. Recommended!