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The Shark Mutiny
Patrick Robinson
Tech Commando: C.A.D.S. (Book 3)
John Sievert
Big Book Of New Short Horror
Nick Medina, Michael McClung, Jessy Marie Roberts (Editor)
Zippered Flesh: Tales of Body Enhancements Gone Bad! - Weldon Burge, Charles Colyott, Michael Bailey, Adrienne Jones, J. Gregory Smith, Michael Louis Calvillo, Jezzy Wolfe, Jonathan Templar, P.I. Barrington, Elliott Capon, Rob M. Miller, Graham Masterson, John Shirley, Scott Nicholson, Michael Laimo, L.L. Soares, Armand Rosa

This book wound up being painful to read. It started out with a few stories I liked but then bogged down with several that didn't interest me or capture my attention. A few times, I actually dreaded reading more but then another story would entertain me enough to keep going.