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The Shark Mutiny
Patrick Robinson
Tech Commando: C.A.D.S. (Book 3)
John Sievert
Big Book Of New Short Horror
Nick Medina, Michael McClung, Jessy Marie Roberts (Editor)
Cat O' 9 Tales - Mark Souza

Wow! Just wow! This book was amazing! It captured my complete attention from the first story and held it throughout the whole book. I was very sorry to see it end as I couldn't wait to read more and see what happens. The stories aren't what I would think of as normal horror as they deal with situations that are horrifying for the characters involved instead of scaring the reader. I highly recommend this book and definitely will reread it!

Hearts of Stone - The crew of the slave ship Mistral loads a man who brings a curse on the ship until all of the slaves are freed.

Witch Apples - Two young descendants of a witch trial cause mischief for their teacher, who also is a descendant of the witch trials.

Teacher's Pet - Striking up a conversation with a stranger can reveal disturbing things about him and you.

Perfectly You - A new beauty treatment sets off a mutating virus that will eliminate 95% of the population. This story is two sisters emailing each other back and forth, trying to survive and reunite with each other.

Land of Enchantment - In search for accounting forms for grants, a couple visit a professor's home in New Mexico where his experiments with blackberries have gone too far.

Road Kill - "Every dent has a story." Ever see a dent on someone's car and wonder what caused it? A man picks up a strange hitchhiker who is looking for the driver of a car that made a very specific dent.

The Red Door - Ever think about how much trust we put in emergency personnel after calling them? What if they have other plans for you and your loved one other than a medical hospital?

Love in a House Divided - How far would you go for love? Would you cross time and space to be with someone even if they lived over 100 years ago?

The Lamentably Short Life of Kid Clemens - What if two famous men meet - one a gunslinger and the other an author? The gunslinger agrees to teach the author how to protect himself in exchange for a reputation but will it be enough to save the author in his first gunfight