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Leviathan - Tim Curran

Johnny Horowitz is forced to take a vacation from his job as a paparazzi so he goes to Seagull Island to let the uproar from his job die down. Right off the bat, he finds human bones on a closed section of beach and the photojournalist in him can not resist digging deeper after the local police brush it aside and try to warn him away from the beach. While there photographing the bones, he notices his body feeling weird, the sky changing weird colors and a different hue of water. In that water, two sea monsters appear. Hungry, prehistoric sea monsters.

I love creature books and I was one of those kids that was fascinated with dinosaurs. This excellent novella brought back memories from when I was a kid reading and daydreaming about them. Curran is a master at creature features and does a fantastic job with the characters here, both human and prehistoric. There was never a dull moment in the plot and it kept me glued to the book as I couldn't wait to see what happens next. Highly recommended!