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House of Corruption - Erik Tavares Set in the 1890s, the story follows Artemius Savoy, Reynard LaCroix and Mahonri Grant as they travel in pursuit of Lasha, Reynards sister, who was kidnapped. The men chase her abductor across part of the US before winding up in Borneo to face the man behind her abduction. As if that wasn't difficult enough, Reynard suffers from lycanthropy and a silver bullet embedded in his chest next to his heart is all that keeps him from turning until it is forcibly removed.
The book is a very refreshing tale of lycanthropy with a new monster that is a skull and spine that can take over other bodies seamlessly.
The dialogue is excellent, the plot grabs your attention and won't let go and the descriptions in the book are amazing - you can visualize the story unfolding. I loved how descriptive and accurate the New Orleans part of the book was. This is a must read for any werewolf fan and anyone who is tired of the same old washed out supernatural characters.