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Fear Nothing - Dean Koontz Christopher Snow has a rare condition called Xeroderma pigmentosum which prevents his body from repairing the damage done by uv light from the sun, light bulbs, etc., so he is a person of the night. Accompanied by his dog Orson, girlfriend Sasha and friend Bobby, he accidentally uncovers a secret from an apparently abandoned military base in Moonlight Bay. As he attempts to learn more about it, he and his friends are met with increasing amounts of threats and violence.

I reread this as a botm for the Koontzland Goodreads group in Dec 2012. It was still entertaining to read again but I found many of the pages tedious and hard to keep reading as I didn't find it contributing to the story. The ending was disappointing as it felt rushed since it wrapped up in just a few pages and it left the book feeling incomplete as it didn't answer many of the questions about other parts of the plot.
The plot has the same basic characters as some of Koontz's books - hero, intelligent dog and a child with a mental affliction.