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Benjamin's Parasite - Jeff Strand

This story opens with high school student Brian playing a violent video game where you kill people for points. After a while, he grabs a meat cleaver and goes after his mom and neighbors in an attempt to score more points. A neighbor has to shoot him to stop him. At his funeral, his teacher Benjamin is at the casket paying his respects when he thinks he sees Brian's lips twitch. After leaning closer to look again, he feels a soft breath on his face. Little did he know, a parasite just transferred from Brian's body to Benjamin's. After several cravings and a strong bout of intestinal pain, Benjamin finds out he has a parasite and goes to the hospital to get it removed. Before that happens, a strange woman shows up and kidnaps him at gunpoint. Unfortunately for him, this is only the start of his problems...

This was a fast, very fun read! I really liked and grew attached to the characters, including the cute little parasite. Only Strand can turn something so disgusting into a fun filled ride that leaves you hungry for more. Highly recommended!