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The Hole - William Meikle

A strange humming sound starts late one night, leaving residents of a small town with an unexplainable nosebleed. The next door, a large hole in the ground has appeared on a resident's property. It starts growing with each eerie humming sound, leaving the residents with nosebleeds and headaches. As if that wasn't bad enough, their worst nightmare comes out of the hole to terrify them. Before they can escape this nightmare, the military arrives and quarantines the town so no one can leave. The townspeople are forced to try to evade the rapidly growing holes, deal with their worst nightmares and try to find a way to stop the town from being destroyed.

Ive only read a few books by Meikle and this is one of my favorites. The action and suspense is non-stop, the characters are easy to like (except Ellen) and remember and the unique concept drew me in from the start. Do yourself a favor and read this one; it won't disappoint!