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This will be an ongoing thing as I work through the stories in this book. 


Parasitic Embrace by Adam Millard


Solid 4.5 stars on this story!


This one starts out with a sudden volcanic eruption; no warning of any kind, destroying anything nearby immediately. An enormous ash cloud is released that's creeping outward, blocking out the sun, causing panic as it moves. One would think that dealing with an ash cloud would be preferable to the instant death that some people near the volcano experienced but that is totally false; those people were the lucky ones. There's something in the ash cloud, something that will infect you and use you as a host.


Wow! This collection started out with a BANG! Millard ramped the tension up quickly as the plight of one lady unfurls as the catastrophe happens. Her character was extremely well done and I found myself engrossed in the story. My only not would be the action of two characters at the very end, based against the action of others but I can see it working like it did based on their history together. I feel like I need to go hug a kitten now and stay far away from volcanoes. Well done!