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An Amazon reviewer nailed it when they called this "Jurassic Park meets The Running Man".  


Creature features are a favorite of mine with ones that feature dinosaurs being a guilty pleasure. This one had enough dinosaurs and gore to satisfy me but it could use another round of editing as some things didn't add up - characters nodding their heads to indicate disagreement (a nod is still a yes motion, isn't it?), lack of an apostrophe here and there and so on. 


Character development was next to nil but who is going to read a book about man-eating monsters and want character development?  I sure don't want to get too attached to a character only to read about them sliding down a Tyrannosaurous Rex's throat!  Even so, I couldn't help but care for a few of the characters. 


Most of the characters and their actions were plausible enough but two did something at he of the book which really felt unbelievable (yes, a book about dinosaurs and I'm finding some of the character's actions unbelievable). 


Overall, a very fun read that fans of Jurassic Park will probably enjoy.