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John Sievert
Big Book Of New Short Horror
Nick Medina, Michael McClung, Jessy Marie Roberts (Editor)
Dark Screams: Volume One - Brian James Freeman, Kelley Armstrong, Bill Pronzini, Simon Clark, Richard Chizmar, Stephen King



When I first started reading this book, I didn't expect the King story to be the very first one. Since it is first, it certainly set the tone for the book and takes off with a blast!  King can take the most innocent object and turn it into something to be feared. This was my first time to read this story and parts of it made me very uneasy!  While this is a short story, it's very easy to connect with the main character and feel sympathy for his plight. I can't begin to imagine how horrible what he went through was...


The Price You Pay


I've read a few enjoyable short stories by Armstrong before so I was looking forward to this one. It had a good twist on the plot but I didn't connect with some of the characters too well.  It is still very worthwhile reading!


Magic Eyes


Set in a mental institution, this one maintained a creepy vibe throughout the whole story as we see the main character's thoughts and inner struggles as he writes in his private journal.  The tension (and horror) revs up continually as the story goes on until the end. 


Murder in Chains


This is the first time I've ever read anything by Clark and I must read more of his work!  I can't say much without giving away the plot but the plight of the characters was riveting and the ending was perfect!


The Watched


I found this story a little weird and it didn't resonate very well with me as I often struggled to find the point of some things that occurred in the story. 


Overall, this collection is well worth the price and is sure to provide enjoyment to anyone who picks it up and reads it. I certainly enjoyed finding two authors that were new to me through their wonderful stories. Recommended!