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Revival - Stephen King

After reading the hype that was building up to Revival's publication, I was pretty stoked to read this. Who wouldn't be?  It was stated to be "the most terrifying conclusion Stephen King has ever written"!  Well, not exactly, for me at least but your mileage may vary. 


Don't get me wrong, the book was fantastic. I just finished reading King's 'Salem's Lot a week ago and he has progressed tremendously as an author. Revival contains none of the bloated sentences and word filler that previous novels had; its text is clean and concise. The storyline was captivating and had a slow build of creepy tension but some of that was lost around midway through the book, never to be fully regained. 


I loved the characters (Charlie at first, not so much later on) and I was thrilled to see how Jamie progresses from a child to an older man and the struggles he faced. 


My only complaint with the book is the ending. We have this fairly steady build throughout most of the book and the reader knows SOMETHING is going to happen. When we get there, it was disappointing for me. The concept was good but the execution felt rushed, much like King was ready to be done with it.