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The Cormorant - Stephen Gregory

Whew, what a ride!  A young couple inherits a house from a recently deceased uncle with one twist: they must also take the man's pet Great Cormorant that he rescued and keep it alive and healthy. They readily accepted without thinking that the bird will be much of a burden and were they in for a surprise!


I picked this one up after seeing Charlene and Jon's glowing reviews (it also helped that I've been fascinated with birds for over 20 years). I was pleasantly surprised to see Gregory was extremely accurate in his descriptions of Cormorants and the various other birds listed in the story as well. His writing was superb, flowing smoothly along and quite beautiful. The characters were very well done, especially my favorite (of course), the Cormorant itself. Gregory wrote about it in such a way that I could easily visualize it in its various actions which is quite an impressive feat when writing about an animal. 


Overall, I'd highly recommend this book to anyone, especially those who enjoy beautiful prose like this book contains.