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Facial - Jeff Strand

One thing you can be sure of when you read a Jeff Strand book is that you'll never guess where it's going and it's going to be unique getting there. Facial starts rather crazily from the first page and the insanity never lets up!  A joking hitman, a dead lion in a basement and a talking face in the floor; what more could you want in a book?!


That being said, this book was very entertaining. His unique sense of humor shines in this book and I had MANY "laugh out loud" moments while reading it which is very rare for me (but rather common when reading a book by Strand).  The chapters move from person to person, each time with a character telling the story in their point of view. While that might sound confusing, I promise that it works quite well and I enjoyed seeing what each person was thinking as the book rolled on. 


If you've never had a glimpse into the mind of Jeff Strand, you're missing out. Pick up one of his zany books like this and read it today!  Recommended!