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Oasis of the Damned - Greg F. Gifune

Imagine that your supply helicopter crashes in the desert, leaving you stranded but alive. But fate had you crash near a desert oasis with not only water but another human, food, weapons and buildings to hide from the sun in. Things are looking up, right?  They're looking up until the other person tells you that he's been stranded there and his companions died agonizing deaths and he's all that's left. If that isn't bad enough, things come at night for him. They come every night with the intention of eating him and now you're on the menu as well. 


I've read and enjoyed Gifune novels before but this one is my favorite yet!  Gifune keeps the tension and horror high in here while instilling some hope for the characters.  He's always excelled at creating atmosphere in his books but in this one, I was right there in the desert with the characters, feeling the sand, heat, tension and hearing the cries in the night. 


This is not a book to miss. Highest possible recommendation!