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Mutator - Gary Fry

I started reading this novella at work, thinking I'd read to kill time in between tasks. After only a few chapters, I was telling myself, "Just one more chapter and then I have to get back to work."  Five minutes later, I was still reading and saying the same thing!  I really didn't want to put this one down, even for a moment - after a few pages of setting the scene and getting to know the characters, Fry picked up the pace of the book and kept me fascinated with the storyline through the entire book. 


The characters were fantastic and believable - it was nice to see James's reaction to the alien form instead of the usual reaction so many would have.  I thought that was great. And who wouldn't love an old Beagle named Damian?!


If you've enjoyed Fry's work in the past or even if you're new to it, I recommend giving this one a try. It's my favorite of his books to date. Highly recommended!